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Dealing with infinite loops with timers in useEffect

10 December, 2018

In a project that I was using useEffect in I needed to setup an interval and a timeout. The interval was used to occationally check for…

Customizing the eslint rules for create react app

25 November, 2018

I have been doing a bit with React Hooks recently, and wanted to enable the ESLint rules. It took a little bit to figure this out because…

Hosting my Gatsby site

03 October, 2018

When I first decided to move from Wordpress, which I was hosting on WPEngine . I really liked WPEngine, but do not have the traffic to…

Moving from Wordpress

03 August, 2018

I recently decided to move my blog away from WordPress to a static site. I have been working on learning React so I decided to go with…

Lazy list

21 May, 2008

I have been following Rob Conery’s posts on the MVC Storefront, and trying the repository/pipes-filters for data access that he has been…

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