HttpHandlers and directory authentication/HttpModules


September 19, 2007

I decided to implement  Admin Rss Feeds after a particularly draining Friday. For the most part it went pretty smoothly, and learned something about working with a different team too ;). I Implemented an HttpModule that looked for FormsAuthentication redirects for rss feeds and changed it over to use basic authentication so rss readers could authenticate.

And for a while all was good. In fact other then unit tests I had thought I was done.

Then just to be thorough I set up several subfolder blogs off of localhost, and everything stopped working. Apparently something in the way that the rss HttpHandlers in Subtext are called skips all of the HttpModules set up in the web.config. I have a fix for this, I loop through all of the modules in the application and initialize them. I dont think this is the right solution since it also stops the section in the /Admin folder is not being looked at either.